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1) Can I apply paints on a hot day?

When substrate becomes very hot in direct sunlight, it dries quickly and the work efficiency may decrease. However, rapid temperature rise on substrate can be prevented by protecting it with a net. So, there would not be many problems with application. Applying in summer, however, will give a lot of burdens on applicators. So, proper measures should be taken against heat attack.

2) Can I mix two different water-based paints or two different solvent-based paints?

All paints have different resin composition or structure even when they are similarly water-based or solvent-based. Their compatibility is totally different. So, please don’t mix different paints.

3) Can the different colours of the same paint be mixed together?

The same paints with different colours can be mixed. However, it sometimes affects workability.

4) Does the consumption mean the amount for 1 coat?

It means the amount of the whole application. Therefore, if the paint needs 2 coats, the consumption means the amount for 2 coats.

5) Is it possible to make special colours?

In case of a product with ‘colour-optional’ in our product information on SKK website, colours can be especially adjusted. However, we cannot make special colours for products with ‘colour-standard XX colour’.  So please select standard colours. Specially adjusted colour products are more expensive than standard ones.

6) Which do you recommend, a spray coating or a roller coating?

Different tools provide different workability. With a spray, you can apply paints quick and seamless. However, they scatter around. So, proper protection is necessary in order not to give any trouble to neighbours. With a roller, it takes time to finish applying paints. However, they don’t scatter much. So, it is suitable for application at high places or in dense residential areas.

7) What is an emergency measure against cracks on a surface?

A fine crack does not need any urgent repair work. When a crack is big enough to be marked and it comes from substrate, make U-shape groove along the crack, fill a sealant into the groove, and improve water resistance.

8) Can I paint a roof by myself? What paint should I choose?

It is dangerous to work at a high place. So you should ask a specialist for painting roofs. Our best roof paint is YANE FRESH, a high weather resistant paint, as well as a reflective paint to save energy.

9) Some part of a wall is stained with heel marks or juice. How can I remove stains?

Please wipe stains with a soft cloth dipped in a neutral detergent (or alkaline detergent). The result depends upon a type of paint film or the length of time after it was stained.

10) Is it possible to apply paints when a wall is still wet? How should I judge the dryness of the wall?

For concrete substrate, remove dirt and dust, and dry the surface thoroughly. The water content should be less than 10%.