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Founded as "Shikoku Chemical Institute" in Kita-Ku, Osaka City. Started distillation and refinery of waste solvent of paint, manufacturing and selling architectural paint products in small scale. The initial starting capital was 600,000 yen.

1958 -1959

Reorganized the structure of the company to Shikoku Chemical Institute Co., Ltd. Established a factory in Mikuni, Osaka City for mass production of various solvent products; and into research and development of synthetic resin varnish and paint. Started cooperation in production with Insulating Material Department of Mitsubishi Electronic Institute. The capital was 1,200,000 yen.


Established head office and a factory in Ibaraki City, Osaka. Initiated R&D of new paint for concrete substrate as well as nationwide expansion of solvent products and synthetic resin paint taking advantage of the strategic location. The capital was 3,600,000 yen.


Changed company name to Shikoku Kaken Industry Co., Ltd. Initiated development of inorganic architectural paint materials without pigment; breaking the concept of conventional paints. After the success of the development of new architectural paint materials including several stone spray texture coatings, started expanding sales. The capital was 8,000,000 yen.


Established Tokyo Factory (present name Kanagawa Factory) in Zama City, Kanagawa. The capital was 10,000,000 yen. Set up R&D Department.


Plant for moulding factory was added to Osaka Factory. Achieved productivity per month of 900ton. Extended Tokyo Factory.


Established Tokyo Office. Expanded mixing plant of Tokyo Factory. Set up Nagoya Office. The capital was 20,000,000 yen.

1972 - 1973

Extension of Osaka Factory led to increased productivity per month of 2,000 ton. Achieved the development of spray tile for exterior LENATILE, LENACAST. Completed R&D of the first forming silica in the world, WORLD CERABON and a fully automated plant with monthly productivity of 1,000m3. Set up Fukuoka Office. The capital was 40,000,000 yen.


Moved head office to Nakahozumi, Ibaraki City, Osaka and strengthened the administration system. Extended and upgraded paint manufacturing facility for wallpapers. Achieved productivity per month of 3,500 ton. The capital was 60,000,000 yen.


Succeeded in the development of fire-proofing ceramic paint, which enables rationalization of building, flammability and energy-saving. Developed of water-borne enamel. Received Important Technology Research and Development Subsidy from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry


Osaka Factory was certified as JIS factory. Established representative offices in Philippines and Singapore to expand into South-East Asia market. Continued to receive Important Technology Research and Development Subsidy.


Expanded domestic sales network and overseas activity. Tokyo Factory was certified as JIS factory. Initiated full production of fire-proofing ceramic coating series.


Extended both Osaka and Tokyo Factories. Achieved productivity per month of 4,500 ton. The capital was 90,000,000 yen. The company celebrated the 20th anniversary.


Established Fukuoka Factory and began its operation with monthly productivity of 2,000 ton. Achieved nationwide productivity of 7,000 ton per month.


Fukuoka Factory was certified as JIS factory. Established the first overseas subsidiary SKK(S)Pte.,Ltd. In Singapore.


Set up representative office in Malaysia.


Established Otone Factory and Singapore Factory.


Otone Factory was certified as JIS factory. Established SK Kaken (M)Sdn., Bhd. in Malaysia and SKK(HK) Co.,Ltd. in Hong Kong. The capital was 99,000,000 yen.


The capital grew to 360,000,000 yen.


Set up Nagoya Factory and began its operation. Completed the second stage of construction of Otone Factory. Established second Singapore Factory. The capital was 560,000,000 yen.


The company celebrated the 30th anniversary.


Launched SK Travel Centre. The capital was 661,000,000 yen.


Established Hyogo Factory. Nagoya Factory was certified as JIS factory. The capital was 901,000,000 yen.


To further upgrade the corporate identity,changed company name to SK Kaken Co.,Ltd. The capital was 1,471,000,000 yen.


Set up Research and Development Centre in Ibaraki City,Osaka. SKK(S)Pte.,Ltd. in Singapore was accredited with ISO 9002.


Hyogo Factory was certified as JIS factory. Demolished and rebuilt Kanagawa Factory. Established Kyushu Factory. Achieved nationwide productivity of 15,000 ton per month. SKK(S) Pte.,Ltd. was accredited with SISIR.


Shifted head office. The company went public listing. The capital was 2,662,000,000 yen.


Completed the second stage of construction of Kyushu Factory . Fukuoka Office and its distribution centre were shifted. The company celebrated the 40th anniversary.


Shifted Kanagawa Factory distribution centre.


Established Malaysia Factory.


Otone Factory was accredited with ISO 9002.


New Singapore Factory began its operation. Established Singapore R&D Centre. SKK(S) Pte.,Ltd. moved to the new sales office.


Accredited with ISO 9001 (Head Office, Research and Development Centre, Otone Factory, Kyushu Factory, Nagoya Factory). Expanded Osaka Factory. Established Shanghai Office. Set up Saitama Factory and began its operation.


Established Shikoku Kaken(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. in China, Seoul Office in Korea, and SK Kaken(Thailand) Co., Ltd. In Thailand.


Accredited with ISO9001 for all the offices and factories in Japan. Established Second Research & Development Centre and Shanghai Factory.


Established Shenzhen Branch. Expanded Hyogo Factory. Shanghai Factory was accredited with ISO9001. Accredited with China Environment Product Authentication.


Established SKK Kaken(Korea) Co., Ltd. In Korea. Expanded Malaysia Factory. The company celebrated the 50th anniversary.


Established Shenyang Branch and Dalian Branch in China.


Established Bangalore office in India, Hanoi office and Ho Chi Minh office in Vietnam.


Established Chongqing office in China, Kuantan office in Malaysia and Seoul factory in Korea, Shikoku Kaken (Langfang) Co.,Ltd. in China.


Established Nanjing office and Kunming  office in China.


Established SKK CHEMICAL (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. In ThaiLand.


Established SKK VIETNAM CO.,LTD. in Vietnam,Chiang Mai office in Thailand, Busan office in Korea


Establishied SKK Global Center. Established Henan office in China. 


Establishied Surabaya Office in Indonesia, Taiyuan Office in China.